English Information about the day of action against the GÜZ

Day of action against the German amry base GÜZ near Magdeburg

During the third War-Starts-Here-Camp there will be a day of actions against the GÜZ on the 23rd of August. Here you find the basic information in English: first some short basic information and a long text underneath.

army base GÜZ & training city Schnöggersburg

The army base has a size of 230km². There is no fence around the big area. The army uses a laser-simulated battle system. You find a map of the area here. A detailled map of the army base was published at Indymedia here.

On the area you find many spots of military infrastructure like training villages, radiotowers or the construction place of ‚Schnöggersburg‘. ‚Schnöggersburg‘ is the training city which is being built for practising military counter insurgency.
There will be singular army trainings taking place during the War-Starts-Here-Camp. On the 23rd of August we will enter the army area, block the military training and hit their military infrastructure.

A peaceful protest is being organised by the „non-violent action group to abolish the GÜZ“. You find all information about the non-violent action here.

Points of information / Manifestations

Their are four announced infopoints for the 23rd of August, right near the army base on the roads B 189 and B71:

1st Infopoint in Letzlingen on the B71, on the 23rd of August from 9am untill 8pm

2nd Infopoint at the carparc Landsberg on the B189, from 22nd of August 12am untill 23rd of August 10pm

3rd Infopoint at the entry of construction place Schnöggersburg on the B189, from 22nd of August 12am untill 23rd of August 10pm

4th Infopoint in Dolle right on the B189, on the 23rd of August from 9am

Legal Support and more

In case you are in trouble with police or army, you get legal aid on this number: 0152-0279779

You get all latest information on this number: [published on thursday]

Full English Information for the Day of Action (23.08.2014) against the GÜZ

Dear Friends!

On August 23. there will be the third Day of Action against the Combat Training Center of the Army (in german: GefechtsÜbungsZentrum des Heeres). The War-Starts-Here-Camp (warstartsherecamp.org) will be the context of the Day of Action und will provide space and time for preparation. The Day of Action is carried by the spirit of DIY. For being abled to act in a selforganized way (as a big or small group, spontenous or planned) here are as follows some helpful information about the GÜZ, the military, and our own infrastructure:

Table of Content:
• Terrain and Vegetation
• Military Exercise on the GÜZ
• Construction Site „Schnöggersburg“
• Cops, Soldiers, Military Police and Private Security Forces: Bullshit!
• Legal Aid in Case of Arrest
• Wilderness at GÜZ
• The Sun, the Moon and the Weather
• Mobile Phones and Cameras
• Stationary Demonstrations
• Shuttle / Transportation
• Paramedics / Out-Of-Action / Awareness
• Day of Action – Telephone Information Line
• Legal Stuff and Legal Aid System

Terrain and Vegetation
The area of the GÜZ extends nearly 30km on the north-south-axis and 15 km on the east-west-axis. Overall the area of the GÜZ is enormous (230 sq km). There are signs marking the military security zone („Militärischer Sicherheitsbereich“), which were placed by the military in intervals of 100m. In this year the restricted area was extended in some parts in the west of the GÜZ. The highest ranking military commander of the GÜZ Gunter Schneider stated, that is was „a temporary measure for averting a danger“. These areas are all located aroung the small town Letzlingen, where the camp takes place.
There are no fences or other stuff at the border of the GÜZ area but some infrastructure on the GÜZ (Schnöggersburg, Command Center, Radio Towers) will be protected by fences and/or some form of security.
The GÜZ ist part of the landscape called „Colbitz-Letzlinger-Heide“ (german: Heide engl. Heather is a human made form of vegetation which developed after deforestation and constant use as a military training area.) The plants growing there are mostly near to the ground and not concentrated. There are some little forests, some bushes, but overall the vegetation does not provide good cover. But it could be enough to throw yourself to the ground in the high grass to gain cover. The whole GÜZ area is surrounded by woods, which provides good cover from being spotted on entering. At some places the woods extend rather deep into the GÜZ area.

The surface is rather flat with some small hills. There are a lot of streets and pathes, some are sealed, but most of them are made of sand and gravel. There are some rough pathes which are used by tanks. The streets and pathes connect the military infrastructure. Activists should avoid all these streets and pathes, beause they are frequently used, controlled and patroled, especially on the Day of Action.
There is a detailed map of the GÜZ area, which surfaced on the internet and can be found under: XXXXXXXXXX If you look around in our Camp you can find a paper copy or two. In combination with a compass the map is a very useful tool to navigate on the GÜZ area, as experiences from the last years tell us.

Military Exercise on the GÜZ

During the period of the Camp and the Day of Action the GÜZ is officially on summer break. There will be no training exercises, so it will be improbable to get into a military excercise. BUT it is possible to encounter tanks and/or soldiers. To make it clear: We are not and we can’t be sure how exactly the GÜZ operates during the Camp time. The highest ranking military commander of the GÜZ Gunter Schneider stated in the local newspaper that it could be possible that there will be running exercises during Camp time. But we know for sure: Infrastructure doesn’t take a break during summer.

The experiences which were made during the first Day of Action (2012) tell us, that a training exercises will not be stopped, even though it is obvious that there are activists on the GÜZ area. in the last year (2013) the military ordered an „exercise free time period“ during the camp time, as is in this year (2014). There were no exercises last year, but on the GÜZ there are always activities…

As mentioned before the GÜZ area is surrounded by woods. On the inside there are some small woods too, which are very young and the trees (mostly birch) are therefore small and thin. They are no obstacles for tanks! If you approach an excercise or if you hear the sounds of a tank, be careful, be alert and if necessary make yourself visible and/or audible. If a tank is approaching you or if you stumple into an exercise, it could be reasonable to make yourself visible by smoke, noise etc. . Maybe this point should be discussed during preparation time at our Camp. Modern tanks can be very fast (up to 80km/h) and very silent, so there is the possibility you will not take notice of it until they are very close. The driver of a tank can’t see very much of his or hers surroundings. He or she can only see a width of 5m.

Let’s disrupt the standard operations of the GÜZ! But: Take care of yourself and be aware of the dangers!

Construction Site „Schnöggersburg“

Cops, Soldiers, Military Police and Private Security Forces: Bullshit!
Shortly after the German Federal Constitutional Court allowed armed operations of the Bundeswehr (German military) in the Interior in 2012, there was a joint operation of Bundeswehr, german cops and federal police during the Camp time in 2012. Cops and Military Police (called „Feldjäger“) of the Bundeswehr were deployed and used against us. „The cooperation went optimal“, said the commander of the joint operation afterwards. Last year (2013) the cooperation was continued – the military and the police intensified their coordinated work, not only on the Day of Action, but in preparation and conducting and as well „on the roads“ as „on the GÜZ area“.
We like to inform you, as much as it is possible for us, about the legal competences of the military police regarding civilians. The military police has in general the same legal competences as the cops regarding the prevention and prosecution of crimes against the military (for example: damage to property, actual bodily harm, trespassing etc.). They are allowed to (as like the cops are) detain people, check personal data, take into custody, apprehend and confiscate stuff. This applies as well inside of military areas (GÜZ) as outside of these areas, if there is reason to suspect a crime against the military was committed or a crime is intented to be committed against the military. If you have no passport or any other form of identification the military police has to call for police assistance for identity verification. As far as we know (in this case we are not so sure) the military police is not authorized to do roadside checks, except directly on the border of the military area.

In the last years activists, who accessed the GÜZ area were usually stopped by military police, sometimes at gunpoint (in engl.: Stand still or I will shot! In German: Stehen bleiben oder ich schieße! Ask someone who speaks German to read this line out loud to you for preparation!). These activists where grounded and the military police waited for the cops they called, for them to arrest the activists and escort them out of the military area. The military police was not very confident meaning they have not so much experience in these situations, which is rather bad than good. It may be helpful to remind the military police, which are soldiers, that they have a civilian in front of them and not an enemy combattant, which is out to kill him or her.

The foremost and original assignment of the military police on the Day of Action is to protect the military area and are therefore ordered to look out for us and confront us. They are not „normal“ soldiers. This means that for example if you get into a military exercise the normal soldiers could be hindered to train, while military police should be avoided.
The Private Security Forces (PSF) should be avoided too! The PSF patrols the GÜZ area permanently in jeeps. It is not really clear to us and others which are the legal competences of the PSF. We think that they will call the cops if they see something. But some time ago the speaker of the GÜZ „Hauptmann Herzog“ proclaimed that the PSF are allowed to use „direct means of coercion“ if „offences“ are committed. In another newspaper article he said that „military and civil personnel is permitted on legal grounds to control, stop and adhere persons which are on military or closed grounds.“ He threatens „The guards are armed.“

Legal aid information in case of arrests:

Generally valid: never go around on your own, but stay with your affinity group; it will be more fun and you can look after one another. For example to call the EA (selforganized legal team; in german called: Ermittlungsausschuss/EA), in case one of you gets into custody or is arrested. It is therefore advisable to know the names, dates of birth and places of birth of the others in your affinity group. In caste you get arrested: call for attention, shout your name, and if indicated your date of birth and the place where you were born, as others can inform the EA (legal team) about your arrest. After that (shouting your name etc.) do not give testimony or give any more information than necessary! Facing the police you are only obliged to give them personal data. That is: your name, your surename in case your birth name, place of residence, general job title („student“, „employee“), date of birth and place of birth, marital status, nationality and nothing more! You can even refuse to give these information.
While being arrested and in a police station you are entitled to make two phone calls. At best you call the EA or respectively your advocate. In case they want to fingerprint and photograph you, you should file your objection and let it be documented/recorded. But you yourself should never sign anything! You should not sign any of the case’s documentation, that will be presented to you. Following the german criminal code it is legal to take some of your body’s material; Blood for alcohol and drug tests, spit for DNA analysis. Never agree voluntarily to this extraction! You are not obliged to actively participate. Note that there is a difference between taking material for dna-analysis, and the actual analysis in the laboratory! They need a written judicial order for this later purpose, except you agree to participate, what you should not do! On the contrary: you file your objection against the treatment they give you, let it be documented and get into contact with the legal team or your lawyer.
In any cases: no testamony/information, do not sign anything! Especially do not sign an agreement to voluntarily give blood or spit. File extra objections for each the extraction and the analysis of your dna and make sure that it is documented, do not sign anything. Instead: yield stress, insist to see the judicial order regarding your case and to talk to your lawyer.
They can keep you arrested to check your identity for at most 12 hours; for at most 24 hours if you are accused of something. After being set free you should immediately call the legal team. Detailed information will hopefully be provided through leaflets at the camp („what to do in case of fire“ or similar). If not and if you still have questions regarding legal information please ask the legal team beforehand. They will have something like „office hours“ during the camp.


As there are at all combat training areas there are a lot of different wild animals at the GÜZ, at worst wolves or wild boars/pigs.
It is very unlikely that you will encounter wolves. You would be rather lucky if you do so. They are very seldom and reclusive and will recognize you before you will recognize them.
Wild boars, being big, strong, sometimes having tusks, are friendly and rather not dangerous. They have good noses and ears and should be leaving before humans see them. Usually they sleep during daytime in the bushes or in hollows. As we will be going around quietly and undetected on the training area, it might happen that we walk into wild boars. Encountering them you should follow some rules to get out of the situation without harm. If they feel threatened or have offspring with them they could feel forced to defend themselves. In other situations they might feel cornered. It is possible that they run in your direction at first in their attempt to flee: as they have bad eyes it can help to clap your hands, so that they notice you. Otherwise it is advisable to stay calm. Stay quiet and rather normal, do not corner them, leave without hurry. In emergency situations climb onto something or hide away and wait. Another trick to defend yourself (not yet verified) is to make yourself to appear big (outstretch your arms). Please stay calm, seem brave and make them believe you are dangerous. To run from them only is sensible when you are able to run as fast as 40 to 45 km/hour.
There are smaller animals to be mentioned. It is more likely to get into touch with them compared to the bigger and rather shy wild animals. Ticks and mosquitos are present in large numbers in some parts of the training area and should not be underestimated in your planning. These little beasts They can be very annoying. Think about insect repellent if you plan to be around the area for quite a while.

The sun, the moon, the weather:

Around 21:30 it will be dark, and this year it means really dark: to days after the day of action will be new moon. Expect not to be able to see your own hands in front of your eyes during night and while being in the forest! Sun will rise around 06:30 and goes down at around 20:30, what makes 14 hours of effective sunlight. You can add one hour of dawn in the morning and evening each, when you still have some light to orientate.
Generally important: inform yourself about meteorological predictions regarding the day of action. Take enough water, appropriate clothing; you might be on your own for a whole day. Get information on the official classification on the risk of forest fire.

Mobile phones and cameras:

It is your decision to take you mobile and/or camera. Have in mind that you can be localized via your mobile while not having removed the battery and the SIM. It is advisable not to have any numbers or sms stored in your mobile. When you take pictures, pay attention that no activists are visible. Photos and data on data chips can be restored easily, even when you have deleted them. Be careful with such devices and agree on how and whether to use them beforehand.

Stationary Demonstrations:

There will be several stationary demonstrations around the GÜZ on the day of action, following the idea to „surround the GÜZ“. These are places to obtain information, to relax and to meet up with others as well as to arrange for phone calls or shuttles. Part of such demonstrations are political and cultural programs, referring to the region.
Search for alternative ways while trying to get to the training area. When Police stops you they are obliged to let you get to the demonstrations. There are following demonstrations being legally registered: B 189 junction to the building site of Schnöggersburg between Dolle and Lüderitz; B 189 Parking space near Landsberg between Dolle and Lüderitz; Letztlingen, street leading to the marketplace near the B170.


Having to get from one place to another you can ask for a shuttle. There are people shuttling others with their private cars. You are very welcome to support the shuttle crew, being a driver with or without your own car, or to give away your car to the crew.

Medics / Out-Of-Action / Awareness:

Call the medics in emergency situations, or when you get injured. Do not hesitate to go to the Out-Of-Acion crew and to use their place to retreat. It should be helpful when you reach your physical or psychological limits, for example if you experienced traumatic situations regarding police etc. Both groups have own tents on the campsite. In addition they will try to get where you are on the day of action, if necessary. The Awareness crew will be around on the campsite and is accessible in case of need, when your personal limits are neglected and you want support facing sexist, racist and or otherwise harming and humiliation behavior.

Day of action Info telephone:

Beside the camp’s info telephone there will be another info telephone during the day of action. Its purpose is to provide you with information and first of all to give you the possibility to report on what you observed and witnessed or what actions you heard of. Do not get yourself entrapped in incriminating statements (rather speak of what you have seen or heard!) and try not to convey rumors! For example: four approaching police cars are not an approaching huge contingent! It will be tried to display a complete picture of the day of action. Secure information will be spreaded via the internet ticker and at the demonstrations. With a summary of what happened we will be able to draw a powerful picture in the general public.
Be assured that your information will be handled with care and in a secure manner!

Legal support and legal team:

There are advocates and a legal team (in german called „Ermittlungsausschuss“ or abbreviated: EA) supporting all of us during the day of action. The legal team will take care of all arrested and organizes advocates for them.
In case of trouble with the police, military police and soldiers, whether you get stopped and they won’t let you move on, you are taken into custody or even are arrested call the legal team and convey: WHAT happened WHEN and WHERE, the NAME and if possible the DATE OF BIRTH and the PLACE OF BIRTH of the arrested people. The aim is to keep track of all the arrested and to pick them up when they are released. There will be a selforganised prisoner support, that will wait for the arrested to pick them up (presumably in Magdeburg) and bring them back to the camp.
Last but not least: write down what happened to you (subjectively reporting your memory) as soon as possible after you are released and hand it over to the people at the info-point or directly to the legal team you feel confident with!

Good luck and have fun!

The mentioned important telephone numbers will be published soon! For further information visit: dayofaction.blogsport.de